Las Palmas

My move to Las Palmas – Part 5: Learning Spanish

The most important thing to get along in a new country is certainly to learn the language. Ordering food, shopping in the supermarket, etc. is still possible, but that might be enough on holiday. In addition, only a few Spaniards can speak English in Las Palmas. In the south of the island, where the tourists are, this is easier, but not in the capital. I rented my apartment with What’s App and Google Translate. That worked well, but it’s not really a sustainable solution 😉

But that’s easier said than done. I’ve been learning Spanish for half a year and I’m making good progress. But the practice is missing. I can hardly speak a sentence straight ahead. My first point of contact will be the Coworkingspace. But there most of them speak English well, a Canario even German. So I’m not quite sure yet how I’m going to start to speak fluently.

Apps, books and the language school

I will definitely attend a language school. Three times a week 75 minutes from October. I hope that there will be plenty of opportunity to speak Spanish and not just to learn as for an exam at school.

I am currently learning with two apps. I also have a grammar book to get an overview. The most difficult ones are the verbs. In Spanish, most of the meaning of a sentence is in verbs. There are many different forms. Only a changed letter in a verb can give the sentence a completely different meaning. But I think that’s something you’ll soon find out in practice.

As an introduction, I can recommend the Memrise app, which has a very playful approach. That’s how you make fast progress, and it’s even fun. What’s missing here is a basic didactic structure. At least I didn’t recognize it. But you can build a good basis. More classical and didactic is the app Busuu, through which I’m fighting my way right now. The mixture of a playful and a classic app is a good way for me.

So, in summary: Learning Spanish is relatively easy and fun. I’m just not sure how I can quickly find the opportunity to speak a lot of Spanish on the spot. If someone has taken a similar step, I’m happy to receive tips!

Mach was du willst und du musst nie wieder arbeiten.


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