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My move to Las Palmas – Part 4: Dissolve my Apartment

In the fourth part of my series, I tell you how I organized the dissolution of my apartment and my move.

How to organize a move abroad is probably A question of type. I am someone who usually has no problem disposing of things, others don’t like to part with things they will never need again πŸ™‚ Since I’m moving into a furnished apartment, my goal was to get rid of most things and get as much money out of them as possible. In order to do that, you should start early, so that you don’t have to sell off things for a bad price.

In April I made myself a plan when I want to get rid of which things. This gave me almost six months, and that’s what you need.

With me there is the special case that I had 2,500 records at home. You don’t like to part with that, but after some thought I decided to sell almost all of them, because I only listen to music at home via streaming anyway. Maybe I regret that some day, but for now it was the best decision. Here it paid off in the truest sense of the word to start early. Whole collections are hard to sell and you get maybe 1€ per record. I have sold about 500 selected records individually via the portal Discogs for a really good price. A lot of work, but it pays off. The rest I gave to a Berlin dealer in one piece.

What is the last price? – Ebay

After that, it became uncomfortable. While vinyl buyers are friendly, grateful people, many buyers on Ebay are the exact opposite: rude and outrageous. Even if one clearly states a fixed price, the question “What is the last price?” follows. It is not so much a question of achieving a good price. People want to bargain on principle. I had people who haggled for €10 and then arrived with a €60,000 Mercedes. But you can take advantage of that and just go 20% over the price you want. It actually works in the vast majority of cases. What works very well is to give things away for free. People who are willing to dismantle entire cupboards and transport them immediately report in.

The move

Then the question remains what to do with the things you don’t want to part with. At the beginning I researched how to get freight to Las Palmas cheaply – unfortunately mostly more expensive than the things you want to send. Most parcel services are also very expensive or do not ship to the island at all. But DHL has an affordable product: for 52,99€ you can send a parcel in the size 120cm*60cm*60cm. And there’s an amazing amount that fits in. I ordered two boxes. One is in the office, one at home. There I gradually put all my stuff in and send it out shortly before I leave. I even get my big iMac to Las Palmas. The parcels are insured up to 500€. For 28€ more I also get my iMac insured. My move costs a good 130€ πŸ™‚

Moving by car?

In the beginning I thought about buying a car and moving with it. I thought I’d need a car on the spot anyway. But a friend of mine warned me about it. Registering the car there is very expensive and time-consuming. You have to pay import duty and a lot of fees and run from office to office. Especially if you don’t speak Spanish well yet, it’s difficult. It is easier and cheaper to buy a car locally.

My apartment is already quite empty. At the beginning of September I will start to get rid of everything I don’t need anymore. In the last days I will probably only have one mattress left, which I will dispose of on the day of departure πŸ™‚

Mach was du willst und du musst nie wieder arbeiten.


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