Sustainable start-up consulting

No start-up consultancy like any other

I have developed a unique coaching and consulting concept that helps you to start your business successfully and sustainably. I help you to find a strong positioning with a real USP. You find out how to secure sales and win customers. In addition, I will advise you on all start-up questions.

I am specialized in single founders and small teams. I coach and consult with design thinking methods. We mainly work on a functioning business idea and build a meaningful portfolio. My philosophy is that the business idea must match your strengths, interests and values. Only then is foundation successful, fulfilling and sustainable.

You want to start your own business and you don’t know how?

You already have an idea and want to turn it into a functioning business?

You are already self-employed, but customers and sales are waiting for you?

You are creative, but the bureaucratic stuff really gets on your nerves?

You need a business plan?

You just need someone to answer all your questions?

Then get in touch and let’s make your business idea a success together!

My offer for you: Craft Your Business

“Craft Your Business” is my coaching and consulting product for founders. It is just as suitable for people who want to get out of permanent employment as for those who have just completed their training or studies and would like to start their own business.

My concept combines classic coaching with Design Thinking and start-up consulting. What is most important to me is the lasting success of your foundation. “Craft Your Business” takes place in three steps and deals individually with your very special situation.

Craft Your Business can be booked from 1 October 2019 in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

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