Craft Your Business

“Craft Your Business” is my coaching and consulting product for founders. “Craft Your Business” is just as suitable for people who want to get out of permanent employment as for those who have just completed their training or studies and would like to start their own business.

My concept combines classic coaching with Design Thinking and start-up consulting. What is most important to me is the lasting success of your foundation. “Craft Your Business” takes place in three steps and deals individually with your very special situation.

Step 1: Your Challenge

The first step is to find out where you stand and where you want to go. We determine your goals and write your personal timetable.

Step 2: Your Compass

Who goes on a new journey, should have its compass thereby. In order for your independence to work, be fun and fulfil you, it is important that your business matches your strengths, talents and values. In addition, you define for yourself when, where, how much and with whom you want to work. That’s why we develop your personal compass.

Step 3: Your Business

Your compass now helps you craft your business. Step 3 is the longest and most intensive step. With some innovative tools we plan your business and develop good ideas. You work out your individual business and find out your USP. This is the only way to be really successful. We find out who your customers are and develop a good business plan. We work out how you can test your ideas to minimize the risk of failure.

In Step 3 you can also ask any questions you have about your business development.

Craft Your Business can be booked from 1 October 2019 in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

In Las Palmas, how’s that gonna work?

Many of my customers want to start their own business, but are not making much progress. The reason for this is usually everyday life, which always sets them back. Family, work, other tasks – there is often too little time in everyday life to deal with one’s dreams. In addition, the employer often is not supposed to find out anything about the employees’ plan. So I have developed a package that can be implemented in 5-10 days. A one-week stay in Las Palmas is ideal, during which we can plan the sessions.

There you’ll have plenty of time to get to grips with the most important phase of the start-up: the business idea.

How exactly does the consultation work?

  1. First, we’ll talk on the phone about what exactly you’re up to. If we agree, we make a small contract.
  2. Then we will develop a schedule together and I will help you plan your trip and accommodation.
  3. During your stay we will do 5 about two-hour sessions, which will give you clarity about what to do next. For the sessions we have a coworking space on the beach. Between sessions you will get “homework” to prepare for the next session.
  4. Of course, your business is not finished yet, but you now have the skills to continue at home. If new questions arise or something gets stuck, I will of course be there for you by phone or chat.

How much does the consultation cost?

The total package costs 999 Euro net plus 19% German VAT. If you can deliver a European VAT ID, the VAT is not applicable. Ask your tax office for a VAT ID. In addition there are the costs for travel, accommodation and meals. From most European cities there are cheap direct flights to Las Palmas. Good and cheap Air-Bnb apartments are also available in Las Palmas.